We are a team of cardiologists, technicians and therapists who provide a comprehensive cardiology service for adults. From simple advice about how to look after your heart for the future, to the emergency treatment of a heart attack and beyond.

About Private Heart Specialists

Modern day cardiology has become very specialized requiring patients with complex disease to have access to sophisticated diagnostics, the most appropriate intervention and the very best rehabilitation and follow up. Conversely, those patients with more routine conditions need to know that their care is as up-to-date as possible and delivered by experienced professionals.The team at privateheartspecialists have been working together for 15 years, have treated thousands of patients and have access to all the best techniques and treatments.

Blood pressure - can we go too low?

May 30, 2017
A recent analysis in the Lancet of two hypertension trials (ONTARGET and TRANSCEND) which finished recruiting in 2008 have confirmed the ben…

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